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Fic from Mars

A Veronica Mars Fanfiction Writers' Community

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We are not accepting applications right now.

The idea for this community arose from a desire for a quality Veronica Mars fanfiction resource. We are seeking to establish a fanfiction community where certain standards of quality are assured. We are attempting to create a community where readers can come and read high-quality fanfiction, and where writers can post their work and receive thoughtful, constructive feedback. That is not to say that we consider ourselves the definitive say in good fanfiction, or that there isn't a great deal of wonderful writing elsewhere. We believe that we are filling a unique niche in the Veronica Mars fanfic world in a way that complements the already existing fanfic communities.

All the authors who post here have been approved by a diverse panel of mods with varied tastes and ideas about what makes good fanfiction. Our mods rotate on a monthly basis, thereby increasing our ability to be fair and non-subjective. We're doing everything we can to make sure that our application and acceptance process is as objective as possible.

We ask that our writers be open to receiving constructive criticism on any fic they post here. Everyone is encouraged to leave feedback on all fics, including what you like and what you think could be worked on.

Contributing Writers List
Our memories are also archived by author.

Anyone may read and comment on the fic posted here without monitoring or joining the community. Anyone may join the community to add it to their friends list. However, you must apply to be able to post your own fic.

How to apply:
Send an e-mail to rachel_shanz @ yahoo.com containing:

  • The livejournal user name you will be using to post your fic.
  • A link to the place where you have your fic archived. (Your livejournal memories, a website, etc.)
  • Individual links to two or three fics you want to use as your submissions to be judged.

  • Submissions:
  • In order to apply, you must have written at least two separate pieces of fic. We want our mods to be able to get as clear a picture of your writing style as possible.
  • If you would like to use a chapter from a multi-chapter fic as one of your submissions, that's fine. However, you can only use one chapter from any particular fic.
  • You can only submit a fic under 1000 words if you have also submitted two other fics that are over 1000 words.
  • As long as they are set in the Veronica Mars universe, submitted fics can be any rating, genre, character, or pairing. The only thing we ask is that you not submit crossovers.

  • Please make the subject of your e-mail "Be cool, Sodapop" so that we know you've read the rules.

    The panel of mods is made up of 4 permanent mods and 5 rotating mods that will change every month. Some of our mods are contributing writers, others are serving in an official capacity only.

  • The On-Duty mods will review each application and read the submitted fic. Each application needs a majority of "yes" votes to be approved.
  • They will reply with detailed feedback including both what they liked about the submitted fic and what they think could be improved on.
  • We will send an e-mail back to the applicant that includes our decision and a copy of all the feedback. The applicant will not be told which mod replied with what feedback.
  • If your application is not accepted, then you are welcome to reapply with new fic after at least a month has passed. Please make sure that all the fic used when reapplying has been written since the last application.
  • If you are accepted, one of the mods will give you posting access and you will be able to start posting your fic here.
  • Please be sure to follow the posting guidelines.
  • We also ask that our writers put one of our banners in their user info.

  • Since there are so many mods who have to review each application, it may take up to three weeks for a reply to be sent, so please be patient. Do not contact any of our mods at their private journals about this community; we will do our best to reply as soon as possible. If you have any questions about specific feedback, you can e-mail rachel_shanz @ yahoo.com and it will be forwarded to the mod who made the comment. Don't send flames or personal attacks about the feedback you received - they will just be deleted.

    We would like to advise prospective applicants that the commentary they receive on their submissions might be blunt. Some might feel that the feedback is too harsh. This isn't done in an attempt to hurt anyone's feelings, but rather to offer full and unbiased opinions.

    Permanent Mods:

    On-Duty Mods:

    On-Duty Mods:

    Complete Mod List
    We are requiring that any new mods be accepted to the community at least a month before asking about modding. If you want to know more, e-mail mutinousmuse at mutinousmuse @ livejournal.com.



    Pirate Pride Awards
    Pirate Pride Awards


    If you run a fic community and are interested in affiliating with us, please send an email to rachel_shanz @ yahoo.com

    Want to pimp us in your user info? Please do! Banners are here!

    Fic From Mars Awards:
    Rules and Guidelines
    Previous Winners
    The current nomination and voting posts are linked to from the fic_from_mars sidebar.

    If you have any questions about any of our rules or guidelines, please ask them in a comment to this post.